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Artificial insemination in Turkey

Treating Male and Female Infertility with artificial insemination in Turkey

The artificial insemination is the simplest medically assisted procreation technique which consists of introducing the sperm of the spouse or of the donor into the cervix or directly into the woman's uterus. It is a fertility treatment that helps deal with male infertility due to an insufficient mobility or an insufficient number of sperm. It is also a solution for female infertility due to a thick cervical mucus, to endometriosis or to abnormal reproductive organs.
Single women and people of the same sex may also choose the artificial insemination Turkey : donor sperm is often used in these cases.

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How much does an artificial insemination cost in Tukey ?

To do an artificial insemination in Turkey at a reduced price, Aram Clinic in Turkey offers an all inclusive price. Indeed, it is a package that includes, in addition to the price of the artificial insemination, the costs of transport and the hotel stay.

How is an artificial insemination Turkey performed ?

when to plan an artificial insemination in Turkey ?

The gynaecologist in Turkey can ask the couple to practice artificial insemination :

  • after six months of unprotected sexual intercourses if the patient is over 35.
  • after one year of unprotected sexual intercourses if the patient is less than 35 years old.
Artificial insemination Turkey

Moreover, the gynaecologist in turkey plans the artificial insemination according to the menstrual cycle of the patient. Indeed, the artificial insemination has the best chances of success if it is correlated with ovulation.

The patient can find out the date of ovulation thanks to the ovulation test kits which can be done at home as well as blood and urine tests realized at the gynaecologist's office. She usually tries artificial insemination once per cycle.

The types of artificial insemination Turkey

Artificial insemination Turkey

There are two main types of artificial insemination in Turkey : the intrauterine insemination (IUI) and the intracervical insemination (ICI).

  • The artificial insemination ICI

The intracervical insemination involves the injection of sperm into the cervix. It can be performed at home or in a clinic of gynaecology in Turkey.
During this process, the gynaecologist in Turkey loads the donor's or the father's sperm into a syringe specially designed for ICI.
Then he injects it inside the vagina by emptying it near the cervix.
The patient must lie on her back for 30 minutes so as to allow the semen to rise from the cervix to the uterus.
She can resume her daily activities immediately after the procedure.
After about two weeks or a little more, she will do a pregnancy test to determine if the insemination process was successful.

  • The artificial Insemination IUI

The couples often turn to the intrauterine insemination in Turkey(IUI) for male infertility, although it is commonly used to deal with the unknown causes of infertility and the infertility induced by endometriosis.
Women with a thick cervical mucus that prevents sperm from reaching the egg may also undergo IUI. The procedure must be performed in a a clinic of gynaecology in Turkey.
Before starting the process of intrauterine insemination, the patient must take medication prescribed by the doctor to induce ovulation. The gynaecologist in Turkey begins by preparing a semen sample from the father or the donor by separating the sperm from the seminal fluid.
Then, he mixes the sperm with the liquid and injects it directly into the uterus using a catheter.

Artificial insemination : success rate

The success rate of the artificial insemination depends on a number of factors including :

  • The age of the patient
  • The use or the non-use of fertility drugs
  • The underlying fertility problems

Intracervical insemination : success rate

The pregnancy rate for ICI is 37.9% after six cycles of treatment.

Intrauterine Insemination Success Rate

Since the semen is inserted directly into the uterine cavity, it must go less distance to reach the egg. Thus, the chances of conception are higher than with normal sexual intercourses. The success rate of IUI can reach 40.5% after six cycles of treatment.

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